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Hi, and welcome to my site! I’m Layla Lawlor, a full-time writer living in Fairbanks, AK.


I write fiction under the following pen names:

Comics and Art

My main comics project right now is Kismet, a long-running space opera webcomic. The current book, Sun-Cutter, updates with a new page every Monday; it’s in the final chapter and will likely finish sometime in 2020. The previous book, Hunter’s Moon, can be read online for free. I have a Patreon for Kismet where I share sketchbook material and glimpses of pages in progress.

I also do a limited number of local shows a year selling books, art, and hand-painted ornaments, usually sharing a table with Ellen Million of Ellen Million Graphics. Ellen and I have collaborated on a series of Alaska-themed coloring books: Wildflowers of AlaskaWild Alaska TeasWild Birds of Alaska (this last one with several other artists). These can be bought from Ellen’s website, from Amazon, and in local stores.

Where to find me and my projects:
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