Ghost & Gambler (Keeley & Associates #5) release day!

Out now on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and hardcover!

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Forget knowing when to hold ’em.
Knowing when to run is still pretty important, though.

When you’ve got a deck of cards that tilts luck in your favor, you literally can’t lose.

But that doesn’t mean you can win.

James has been hired to find out who’s killing players in the gambling event of the season, a poker tournament that will determine who controls the city’s magical underworld for the next year, in a glamorous underground casino with a rising body count.

Good thing he’s got luck on his side.

But it’s going to take a lot more than that when the killer sets their sights on James and his friends …


This book stands on its own as an urban fantasy murder mystery, but it also continues a subplot thread from the previous book, involving the magic cards that James acquired from his former mentor’s personal effects. The rest of the series is also on Amazon in ebook and print.

Summer’s abundance

I’ve also had a very fruitful summer for book releases, under three different pen names!

This summer’s releases:

Moose Madness by Mar Delaney – Lesbian paranormal (shifter) romance.

Keeley & Associates Collection #1 – Collecting the first three books.

Dick & Demon – Keeley & Associates #4.

Wild Island Horses by Liz Harman – Contemporary beach romance. (Update: this book is not currently available for sale. Please stay tuned for a future re-release.)

Meanwhile, it’s the height of summer in Alaska, with brilliant sunshine, 85F heat, and a glorious abundance of plant and animal life.

One of my pumpkins is starting to ripen!
Raspberry season!
Beavers working on their dam.

Watching the beavers at the nearby creek build their dam has been one of our most enjoyable activities this summer. We learned that beavers make noises to each other, and got to watch some juvenile beavers grow up! We do have some worries that at least some of them may have fallen victim to predators or trapping, especially since we hadn’t seen any around for a couple of weeks, but there were two out working on the dam today, so maybe they’ve just been working on dam-building upstream or something.

Other summer animal-life highlights include what I can only describe as woodpecker pecking school – with a flock of newly fledged woodpeckers practicing their pecking on the log walls of our house, including pecking so hard they kept falling off – and various other wildlife including porcupines and the first gopher I’ve ever seen here.

You’re very cute, now please leave my garden alone.

We’ve also enjoyed the summer’s lush wildflowers. We’re almost out of the height of wildflower season now; it’s mostly just fireweed at this point, but it’s one of my favorites.

This photo is from a little earlier in the year – it’s more bloomed out now – but continues to be lush and brilliant all around the house.

We’re starting to get into the winding down of summer now. In a month it’ll be autumn already.

2020 Publications

Gatekeeper (complete 3-book series)
1. Rogue Myths
2. Echo City99¢ sale this week!
3. Hollow Souls99¢ sale this week!
Complete series collection (ebook only)

Keeley & Associates (in progress)
1. Dragon & Detective
2. Ghost & Gumshoe
3. Fae & Flatfootfree this week only!
4. Dick & Demonpreorder!

The Girl Who Loved Mountains – free! download here!
Perfect Apples & Other Stories – free! download here!

Permafree stories
Ghosts Bearing Gifts (Keeley & Assoc.)
Santa on the Rampage (Gatekeeper)

Release week: Echo City!

City of shadows.
City of monsters.

Echo City, Gatekeeper #2, is out this week on Amazon!

Only $2.99 on Amazon or free on Kindle Unlimited!

Art student and reluctant paladin Kay Darrow thought that being life-bonded to a magic sword with its own agenda was the worst thing that could happen to her.

Turns out she was wrong. Because now there’s a city after her.

Not the people in the city. The city itself.

Welcome to New York. But not the one you know.

Get it on Amazon!

Also, Gatekeeper #1, Rogue Myths, is free all week.

Lots of news!

There’s a whole lot going on around here! First of all, my new mailing list is up and running, and I will be sending out a free story every week starting in March. I have a large number of stories that I’ve written over the last decade and a half, ranging from novella-length to short freewrites: some published and out of print, most unpublished, in many different genres and styles. If you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get a brand new story in your inbox every Tuesday.

And you get a free story just for signing up! In “Gilt & Glamour”, an urban fantasy adventure, two monster hunters get more than they bargained for with a flirty pooka. It was originally published in It Happened at the Ball in 2018.

Sign up here!

I’m also currently running a mailing list promotion at BookFunnel, and giving away a free novella-length book, Finder’s Keeper, not available anywhere else. You can get that by clicking on this link – there are a bunch of other free books as well. Mine is about halfway down the page. Selecting a book will take you to the page to download it.

But wait! There’s more!

I have some books coming out soon! I’ll talk more about these when it’s closer to release time, but I have two books currently up for preorder on Amazon.

The Girl Who Loved Mountains (releases March 31, 2020; $0.99) is a standalone fantasy novella in which a folklorist who collects other people’s myths finds herself endangered by an old god’s magic, like her mother before her.

Rogue Myths (Gatekeeper #1; releases July 1, 2002; $2.99) is a revised version of the book that was originally released as Wayward Myths in 2018 (now out of print). Books 2 and 3 will be released in August and September.

And finally …

I will be at Alaska Comicon this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, February 22-23 at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, AK. I’m in space #408 next to Ellen Million Graphics. I will have Kismet print books and copies of my Lauren Esker and Zoe Chant books as well. Come see me!