Writing as Layla Lawlor

Keeley & Associates (2020-present)Urban fantasy/mystery

James Keeley has a magic gun with a mind of its own and a 1920s flapper’s ghost haunting the basement of his office, and the first decent case he’s had in a long time is a dragon hiring him to solve a locked-room mystery. James never could resist a puzzle, but sometimes, curiosity killed the sleuth…

1. Dragon & Detective
2. Ghost & Gumshoe
3. Fae & Flatfoot
4. Dick & Demon
5. Ghost & Gambler

Gatekeeper Chronicles (2020)New Adult Urban Fantasy, F/F pairing

When legends go rogue … call an expert! Art student Kay Darrow never signed up to be the owner of a lifebonded magic sword, but it chose her anyway. Now she’d better ace Monster Hunting 101, because there’s no do-over for this final exam.

1. Rogue Myths
2. Echo City
3. Hollow Souls
Complete series collection (ebook only)


The Girl Who Loved Mountains – A fantasy novella about a wandering collector of other people’s stories who finds herself becoming part of a dark fairy tale herself. Download a free version here!

Perfect Apples & Other Stories – A “best of” collection of short fiction from my mailing list, sent out from March-Oct. 2020. Twelve short stories – and one novelette – to bring you a little everyday magic. Download a free version here!

Lauren Esker

This is my M/F romance pen name. Visit Lauren’s website.

Warriors of Galatea (M/F science fiction romance)

  1. Metal Wolf
  2. Metal Dragon
  3. Metal Pirate

Shifter Agents (M/F paranormal shapeshifter romance)

  1. Handcuffed to the Bear
  2. Guard Wolf
  3. Dragon’s Luck
  4. Tiger in the Hot Zone

Misc books and standalones

Zoe Chant

I’m one of a group of writer friends who write tropey, commercial M/F paranormal shifter romance under the shared pen name Zoe Chant. As Zoe, I’ve written two series and several standalones. Visit Zoe’s website.

Bodyguard Shifters (currently in progress)

  1. Bearista
  2. Pet Rescue Panther
  3. Bear in a Bookshop
  4. Day Care Dragon
  5. Bull in a Tea Shop
  6. Dancer Dragon

Bears of Pinerock County (complete series)

  1. Sheriff Bear
  2. Bad Boy Bear
  3. Alpha Rancher Bear
  4. Mountain Guardian Bear
  5. Hired Bear
  6. A Pinerock Bear Christmas
  7. Pinerock Boxed Set #1 (books 1-3)
  8. Pinerock Boxed Set #2 (books 4-6)

Standalones (older, from 2015)

Mar Delaney

This is a new pen name for F/F romance.

I had three books out in 2021, all standalone paranormal romances.