The tale the fox tracks told

We are just past the equinox, it’s staying light ’til 8 or 9 (a small harbinger of the all-night light we’ll start getting in about a month) and there were fox tracks all over the gravel pit today, including some that told the story of a curious little fox that wanted to see the world from higher up!

This was the first thing out of the ordinary that I happened to notice (beyond the fox tracks in general). You can see some tracks up top of this old flatbed in our gravel pit and the mark in the snow where it jumped off.

Here’s where the fox jumped up onto the flatbed. (With a very interested dog.)

Closer on the fox’s jump-up spot. That’s about three or four feet, and then it ran up to the very top, and so on over to where it had, I suppose, seen all it wanted to see, and jumped down.

More fox tracks. It’s an interesting track pattern compared to what we normally see. This is one reason why I wasn’t 100% sure it’s a fox, though I looked up some fox track pictures and found ones that looked exactly like this. (And besides, we have nothing else that’s this size and could jump 3 feet to the top of a trailer.)

Our usual fox tracks tend to look more like a straight line, with each back paw stepping in the track of the front. It’s probably just excited running around in the snow looking for rabbits, though. It has certainly been busy since the last snowfall, based on all the crisscrossing trails I’ve found over the last day or two.

And yet more tracks. Busy busy.

Bounding track pattern compared to the trotting pattern seen earlier.

The tracks are abundant around the yard (along with plenty of rabbit tracks) and all the way out to the highway, about half a mile away. Busy fox! Or maybe more than one.