September at Icefall Studio

Somehow autumn seems to have crept up on us. The air has that fresh crisp smell (and underlying chilly bite), the trees are turning colors, the farmer’s market and summer food trucks are in their final weeks if they haven’t closed down already … how does it come at the same time every year, and yet seems to come out of nowhere when it does?

At least this year I have an excuse. I spent two and a half weeks of August in England for a friend’s wedding and general touristing, which was lovely.

Hadrian’s Wall

Now that I’m back, I’m looking ahead to the winter/holiday show season. My first show of the winter season is Senshi-Con in Anchorage on Oct. 1-2. I’ll have the new Hunter’s Moon books (which will be shipping out to Kickstarter backers this month) as well as the print version of Sun-Cutter #2. This year, I will also have ornaments. Here’s a sample of what I’ll have with me — sakura blossoms and owls, painted on small shatterproof balls:


So yes, autumn is upon us, and the next time I post an update, there will most likely be snow on the ground and Christmas will be right around the corner.