August state-of-the-studio

Well, the big news for July is that I had my 40th birthday. I’ve never really marked a birthday milestone before; 18 and 21 came with new rights and responsibilities, but I didn’t really do anything. And 30 never made much of an impression on me. But for some reason, 40 felt like a big one, and I wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion.

I ended up spending it in Homer with my mom. It was a lovely vacation; we rented a nice little cabin in the hills, from Wild Rose Cottages:


And I spent the commemoration of my 40th turn around the sun browsing through used bookstores and picking up shells on a gray Pacific beach.


It was wonderful. I can’t imagine how I could’ve spent the day in a way that was any more “me.”

Other July news: the Hunter’s Moon kickstarter is fully funded and I’m currently reviewing proofs, with the intent of shipping the books in September. I will also have them for Senshi-Con and the winter craft shows. The books look GREAT. I was worried all the black around the pages would be a printing problem (they were designed to be read on a black background, so the pages are printed with a full black bleed to the edge), but it looks just fine! The only problem is that some of the art is slightly dark. I’m going to make some color corrections and order new proofs.

And I’m gearing up for a trip to the U.K. in August. I’m going for a friend’s wedding, but will be taking time to do some sightseeing and meet up with some friends from the Internet as well. When I get back, August will be more than half gone, little patches of yellow will be starting to show in the trees, and it’ll be time to start painting ornaments for the craft show season …