Writing as Layla Lawlor

Keeley & Associates (2020-present)Urban fantasy/mystery

James Keeley has a magic gun with a mind of its own and a 1920s flapper’s ghost haunting the basement of his office, and the first decent case he’s had in a long time is a dragon hiring him to solve a locked-room mystery. James never could resist a puzzle, but sometimes, curiosity killed the sleuth…

1. Dragon & Detective
2. Ghost & Gumshoe
3. Fae & Flatfoot
4. Dick & Demon
5. Ghost & Gambler
6. Shamus & Shifter
7. Sleuth & Psychic
Keeley & Associates Collection #1 (collecting #1-3 + a bonus story)
Keeley & Associates Collection #2 (collecting #4-6)

Gatekeeper Chronicles (2020)New Adult Urban Fantasy, F/F pairing

When legends go rogue … call an expert! Art student Kay Darrow never signed up to be the owner of a lifebonded magic sword, but it chose her anyway. Now she’d better ace Monster Hunting 101, because there’s no do-over for this final exam.

1. Rogue Myths
2. Echo City
3. Hollow Souls
Complete series collection (ebook only)


The Girl Who Loved Mountains – A fantasy novella about a wandering collector of other people’s stories who finds herself becoming part of a dark fairy tale herself. Download a free version here!

Perfect Apples & Other Stories – A “best of” collection of short fiction from my mailing list, sent out from March-Oct. 2020. Twelve short stories – and one novelette – to bring you a little everyday magic. Download a free version here!

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Julie Ecker

This is my cozy mystery pen name. Visit Julie’s website.

Alaska Campground Cozy Mysteries (Vicki Vandermoon)

  1. A Midlife Mountain Murder
  2. A Case of Moose-Taken Identity
  3. A Locked Outhouse Mystery
  4. A Haunted Mountain Murder (forthcoming)

Mistletoe Falls (Christmas mysteries)

  1. Maisie’s Christmas Cottage Murder
  2. Maisie’s Christmas Carousel Murder (forthcoming)

Lauren Esker

This is my M/F romance pen name. Visit Lauren’s website.

Warriors of Galatea (M/F science fiction romance, 2018-22)

  1. Metal Wolf
  2. Metal Dragon
  3. Metal Pirate
  4. Metal Gladiator

Shifter Agents (M/F paranormal shapeshifter romance, 2015-17)

  1. Handcuffed to the Bear
  2. Guard Wolf
  3. Dragon’s Luck
  4. Tiger in the Hot Zone
  5. Shadow Dragon (forthcoming)

Misc books and standalones

Mar Delaney

This is my F/F paranormal/fantasy romance pen name. All books are standalones.


Zoe Chant

Unlike the above pen names, this is a shared pen name – not all me! I’m one of a group of writer friends who write tropey, commercial M/F paranormal shifter romance under the shared pen name Zoe Chant. As Zoe, I’ve written multiple series and several standalones; listed below are all the books that are mine. Visit Zoe’s website.

Stone Shifters (currently in progress, 2021-present)

  1. Stoneskin Dragon
  2. Stonewing Guardian
  3. Stoneheart Lion (forthcoming)

Westerly Cove (complete with three books, more might be added, 2022-23)

  1. Tor
  2. Eren
  3. Dane

Bodyguard Shifters (open-ended, new books added occasionally, 2017-present)

  1. Bearista
  2. Pet Rescue Panther
  3. Bear in a Bookshop
  4. Day Care Dragon
  5. Bull in a Tea Shop
  6. Dancer Dragon
  7. Babysitter Bear

Bears of Pinerock County (complete series from 2015-17)

  1. Sheriff Bear
  2. Bad Boy Bear
  3. Alpha Rancher Bear
  4. Mountain Guardian Bear
  5. Hired Bear
  6. A Pinerock Bear Christmas
  7. Pinerock Boxed Set #1 (books 1-3)
  8. Pinerock Boxed Set #2 (books 4-6)

Standalones (more recent, 2021-22)

Standalones (older, from 2015, the first paranormal romances I wrote)