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November already?!


Here we are in the middle of November – how do these things happen? I got some nifty pictures of the sunset on the frozen creek the other day.

Kismet is updating every Monday. Now that I’m back in the swing of updating the webcomic, I need to figure out more ways to get the word out! I also have a Kismet Facebook page and a Tumblr where updates are announced.

And I have a romance novel coming out Friday from Dreamspinner Press. Here’s the pre-order page on Dreamspinner’s website and on Amazon.


October updates – Kismet and more

I’ve gone back to a blog-style interface for my main website, so that I can more easily post updates here.


Why hello, winter. You seem to have come early this year.

The big news is that KISMET IS BACK! Sun-Cutter is updating every Monday and I hope there will be no more downtime ’til the comic is done. I also have a Patreon funding page where people can support the comic — I’m hoping Kismet can at least pay site hosting costs (it’s actually about 1/3 of the way there already!). The Patreon will also offer behind-the-scenes glimpses as a donor perk.

In addition to that, I have a Kismet tumblr, kismetcity, where I’ll be posting update notifications as well as art, reblogs of things that remind me of Kismet, and so forth. It’s not very active so far, but once things settle down in my personal life (September there was a major illness in the family; October I’m mostly traveling) I’m going to start getting into it in a major way, so look for that!

One of my short stories (The Bride in Furs, which you can read online) is reprinted in Heiresses of Russ 2014: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction, edited by Melissa Scott and Steve Berman. This is the first time I’ve had my work solicited for an anthology (as opposed to submitting it myself); I’m pretty jazzed about it!

I also have a romance novel coming out from Dreamspinner Press under my Layla M. Wier alias.

And I’m going to try to be more active on social media starting in November. Right now, the place where I probably spend the most time is on Tumblr, where my main tumblr is laylainalaska — there’s some original art along with reblogged stuff having to do with comics, fandom, politics, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Here again, I’m going to aim for posting more original content starting in November.

And in conclusion, here’s another picture of early winter in Fairbanks, Alaska! This and the above were taken on Saturday around our yard.



Summer Arts Festival 2014

Are you interested in comics? Would you like to learn to draw them?

DSC_0438-edited for WP

I’m teaching a “how to draw comics” class at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival again in 2014! The class, “Introduction to Graphic Noveling“, will be held July 14-27, 2014. Last year’s class was a lot of fun – I hope this year will be even better! All experience levels are welcome; all you need is an interest in comics.

The FSAF website has all the information you need, including online registration. See all visual arts classes or visit the website for my class.


Fierce Family


My story “Stormrider” (action sci-fi with ice dragons!) appears in the anthology Fierce Family from Crossed Genres. This anthology features LGBTQ families in science fiction and fantasy settings. Available on Amazon or B&N.


Summer Arts Festival 2013

Fireweed along the Steese Highway

It’s another glorious, wildflower-filled summer in Fairbanks and I’ve just finished a 2-week stint teaching at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival!

My class was Introduction to Graphic Noveling. This is the first year that the Festival has offered a class in cartooning & comics storytelling, and I hope my students had as much fun taking the class as I did teaching it. As I explained to the students at the start of class, this class is basically the comic-book equivalent of a creative writing class. My role as their teacher was to give them a grounding in basic skills and help them develop their own creative projects … and once they got started, they took off like rockets!

Caution: Artists at work!

Making things even more interesting, the Festival was spread out all over town because of summer construction at UAF, its usual venue. My class was held in Badger Hall at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds. Aside from a few small drawbacks (occasional interruptions as the hard-working fair staff set up for the exhibits that would eventually fill the hall; terribly uncomfortable metal folding chairs) it was quite a nice venue for artists — we were very isolated and private, with a huge exhibit hall all to ourselves, and a semi-secluded lawn when we felt like drawing outside!

Talented local cartoonist (and all-around great guy) Jamie Smith also came in to do a penciling/inking demo for us.

And I brought fresh fruit and homemade-from-scratch brownies for my students on the last day of class.

Y’know, just in case you were thinking of signing up next year …


Freebird book


The Freebird book is available on Amazon and at the following  stores in Alaska:


You can also read most of it online.


Inching towards spring

Still waiting for progress to occur on the “melting” front. Walking the dog last night, I noticed the setting sun glinting rather beautifully off the snowbanks along the driveway, although by the time I ran and got my camera it had mostly set:


(This was about 10 p.m. — we have a lot of light, at least.)

And here’s a picture I took today of water pooling on the creek ice:


It’s 40 degrees today and feels wonderful. Hopefully we’ll lose this snow quickly now that it’s getting warmer.


Book signings

I may be in Hope on Aug. 3 at their book/artist First Saturday festival, health permitting.

I will have a book signing at the brand-new bookstore Alaskana Raven in the Co-Op Plaza in September. Details available soon!

Older appearances:
Thank you so much to these venues for hosting me!

Forget-Me-Not Books‘ First Friday, July 5, 2013 (one of several authors appearing)
Gulliver’s Books, Nov. 2012, 7-9 p.m. (signing & talk)
Forget-Me-Not Books, Nov. 2012 (signing; part of proceeds go to the Literacy Council)




Interview at Jana Denardo’s blog, talking about writing and the release of the Big Damn Heroines anthology.



Wolfen Moondaughter interviewed me at Sequential Tart (November 2012). I talk about Freebird, among other things.


Sword & Sorceress XXVII

S&S cover

Sword & Sorceress 27 is available now! This fantasy anthology includes my story “Netcasters”, in which a thief attempts to steal a few small valuables from a village of seemingly simple fisherfolk, and gets a lot more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon their magical secret.