The Freebird book is here!

Buy on Amazon or on Comixology. You can also buy it locally (in Fairbanks) at Gulliver's Books or The Comic Shop.

Freebird cover

The Freebird online archive is currently down due to the demise of its host, Webcomics Nation.
I'm working on getting it back online here; it should be back up in summer 2016, including ALL the art/story from the book, with strips not previously online.

Freebird was serialized from 2006-2007 in fbx square, a Fairbanks-area entertainment weekly. After square's demise in 2007, Freebird completed its run online. The book includes about 40 never-before-seen pages of new strips, side stories, backup material, etc.

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Freebird is copyright (c) 2006-2016 Layla Lawlor.